You can save money, time and headaches by using an online PDF editor such as It makes it easier for workers and clients to collaborate remotely.

Online PDF editing tools let users edit PDF text, reorder pages, split files, merge them, and even convert to other formats. They also have the ability to revoke access from a distance, keeping information more secure.


The Xodo pdf editor is a powerful application that allows you to read documents, annotate them, fill out forms and sign them. It is easy to use, and compatible with cloud resources. Moreover, you can also collaborate with a team using the program. This is a great option for anyone who needs to work with PDF documents. Xodo can be downloaded for free.

Xodo, a document management system available on all major platforms, is a one-stop-shop. It allows you to convert, edit, annotate, merge, OCR, compare, and sign PDF documents on any device. Its simple, intuitive interface is easy to use by both novices and experienced users. The program is compatible with a number of cloud storage applications. This allows you to access documents from anywhere.

Xodo allows you to convert any format into a pdf. The process is straightforward and requires no technical expertise. You can also use the software to convert your JPEG or PowerPoint files into PDF files. The Xodo PDF Editor can then be used to edit the original files.

You can download and use the software for free, but upgrade it to get more features. You can also upload your files to the cloud. This is great if you’d like to share them. The app can also be used offline, which is useful if your internet connection is slow.

Addition of shapes and text cloud to a pdf file is another important feature. Click on the “Shapes”, which is located above the “Mark” icon. You can also adjust the shape’s size and color. You can choose from a variety of pre-baked forms, including squares or ovals.


Sejda, an online PDF editor, has a number useful features. It allows users to add text, draw shapes, or highlight areas of a document. It can also be utilized to create or delete pages. Additionally, it can be used to insert images and other files into PDFs. The software can be accessed on any computer. It is compatible with Windows Mac, and Linux. Updates are regularly released to enhance the user experience and fix bugs.

Sejda Desktop is more sophisticated than the web-based version, as it offers multiple file formats, flexible settings, and customizable options for text indexing, annotating, and forms. However, it can be more expensive than competing software, and it has a steeper learning curve. It also requires a high-end computer system in order to function properly.

When using Sejda, users can upload PDF files and edit them online or download them to their computers. Once the process has completed, they can then make a few alterations to the document. The online version of Sejda is free to use, but it limits users to three tasks per day and files up to 200 pages.


DocHub helps businesses create, sign and manage documents online. This platform has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. It integrates with popular business tools. Its features include an electronic signature, a PDF editor, and the ability to add rich media. It also features a drag-and drop function that allows you move pages within a PDF document. Its field editor lets you create and modify PDF form fields including checkboxes. text boxes and drop-down lists.

Documents can also be edited on any computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. You can use DocHub’s document library to store and organize documents and templates. This software can also merge multiple files into one. You can export or download the combined document as a pdf or other format.

You can add text to PDF files by clicking on the document, then selecting the text tool. It is displayed to the left of the screen, right next to the pen and mouse cursor icons. To delete text, press Delete on your keyboard. Click on the blue dotted tool to move text. You can also highlight and draw text with the pencil tool.

DocHub’s PDF editor is easy to use and functions like a word processing program. It is safe and uses 256 bit SSL encryption to protect data. It offers redundant, encrypted storage that is accessible from any web-enabled computer. Its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for students and teachers.

DocHub’s eSignature service allows multiple users to sign a single document. It also supports sharing documents in other ways, such as links, attachments and faxes. The platform offers a number of useful features such as custom branding, file management and attachments.

DocHub offers users the ability to add annotations, white out text and sign documents. It also offers many other tools to make editing easier, including page management and document merging. Users can also add images, edit fields, and insert forms. DocHub templates are available to streamline distribution.


HiPDF is an online tool that can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks. It can be used to convert, compress and merge PDF files without the need for additional software. It is compatible with many operating systems and browsers including Windows, Mac and iOS. It also supports drag-and-drop functionality and is compatible with most popular PDF formats. It also offers a number of useful tools, including a PDF Converter, which can be used for converting scanned documents into editable file formats.

Hipdf allows you add text, shapes, and images to PDF documents. It can also be utilized to split, merge and compress PDFs. It can also be used to encrypt PDFs and redact sensitive information from files. This keeps confidential information safe and prevents unauthorized users from accessing your documents.

Even beginners will find it easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. Drag-and-drop allows you to add multiple files simultaneously, and the simple interface makes it easy to navigate between features. It also supports a variety of file formats including DOC, XLS and JPG, PNG TIF, BMP. The software also includes a PDF compressor, which can reduce the size of your files to save storage space.

The best part is that the program is free to use, and it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It also supports a variety languages. It is a good choice for users looking for a simple way to manage their PDFs.

HiPDF is easy to use. Simply choose the type document you wish to convert, and then select a desired format. Then click the “Convert” button to convert your file. Once the file has converted, it can be downloaded to your computer.

HiPDF offers a variety of other features, such as OCR and PDF compression. It is also possible to add an electronic sign to a PDF file, which can be very useful for business. It is possible to add or remove pages.