The Netherlands top crypto brokers offer low trading fees and an extensive selection of digital assets. They also support a variety of payment methods, including iDEAL and debit cards.


eToro, an online Crypto broker Nederland, has become one the most popular brokers. It has more than 20 million users and is a leader in social trading and investment. eToro’s website is easy to use, and you can trade stocks, CFDs and even crypto. It also offers educational tools and innovative services such as social trading and smart portfolios.

Crypto broker Nederland

To get started, verify your account first by entering your ID or using the camera on your smartphone to scan a QR Code. Then, you’ll be asked to answer questions about your trading knowledge. After that, you will be given access to the market and a virtual portfolio. Then you can start trading and make money!

The website of this broker is easy to navigate, and it has a very clean design. The website is mobile-friendly, and you can open a free demo account. Copy trading allows you to follow other traders’ trades and make profits. So you can learn and grow from their experience. The company’s platform is designed to allow traders of all skill levels to participate in the market.

eToro provides a variety of educational resources for beginners, as well as community support. There is a newsfeed, a collection news articles, and a podcast series called “Digest and Invest”. It also offers a comprehensive fee list, including a $5 withdrawal charge, inactivity charges and currency exchange rates. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important that new investors familiarize themselves with the fees involved before trading.

eToro is an award-winning broker with competitive pricing and features. The site offers a variety of asset classes and markets, but also an ETFs section and a list with recommended portfolios. The company is constantly improving their product. Their newest feature, copy-trading, is a very exciting addition. This feature will bridge the gap between novice investors who don’t want to spend the time doing their own research, and veteran traders who are looking for ways to increase their earnings. This tool can help beginners earn extra cash without the hassle of analyzing their own strategies and calculating their risk exposure.


KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a variety of features and tools to help traders buy and sell crypto. The site provides a free user account to new users, and also offers a mobile trading app. It also supports various fiat currencies for a seamless experience. The platform also provides support for its users through a live chat feature and a request-for-assistance form. Security measures include 2FA, a multi-tiered identity verification process and a live chat feature.

The exchange features over 750 trading pairs and more than 380 cryptocurrencies. Its fees and low deposits and withdrawals are among the lowest of the industry. It offers multiple payment methods, including Visa or MasterCard. The site can be accessed on desktops, Android and iOS.

Registration on KuCoin is easy and fast. You can sign up using an email address or a phone number, and then select a password. Once you have completed the process, you will receive a confirmation code that you must enter to activate your account. Once you have verified your account, you can begin trading. The site offers a range of features, including P2P crypto-to-crypto trading and fiat-to-crypto trading.

KuCoin also offers a range of investment products. Its Dual Investment product combines returns from directional market movement and interest earnings. Subscribers choose their breakeven price, leverage amount and market view. This strategy can help you diversify your portfolio while reducing risk.

KuCoin Futures is another option. This derivative allows you to trade leveraged tokens. This allows you to profit on rising or declining markets without having a large amount of capital. This product is especially useful during volatile times as it eliminates the necessity to constantly track prices and makes it easier to control your risk. This strategy may not be suitable for all investors, and requires careful research. Consult a financial advisor prior to investing in these products.


Bybit allows traders to trade spot and derivative products using a platform with a wide range of crypto assets. They can also deposit pre-owned Bybit supported crypto or purchase them through a credit/debit card. Inverse derivatives allow users to trade crypto without having to place margin in fiat currency or stablecoin. This gives traders pure exposure. The trading process on the platform is simple and straightforward, requiring users to enter an email address and password to sign up. In addition, they must acknowledge the company’s T&C and Privacy Policies.

Traders can also access a wide range of educational materials. On the Learn page of the site, traders can find articles, videos, and tutorials, as well access to research reports, technical analysis, and more. The platform has a dedicated team of social media experts to answer questions and provide support.

Bybit has low withdrawal and deposit charges, making it competitive in the industry. It also has several security measures in place to safeguard its customers’ assets. All withdrawals must be manually approved, and all funds are stored in cold storage offline. The company uses only multi-signature wallets to move stored assets, and makes sure that a portion is always available for withdrawal.

The Bybit platform provides users with a full range of order types, including market, limit and conditional orders. The exchange also supports a wide range of coins and has an international network. It also allows for a high level of liquidity. The exchange also offers a developer API that makes it easy to integrate with other platforms and systems.

Bybit offers traders an insurance fund that protects them against losses on leveraged trades. This insurance covers a trade that closes at a lower price than the liquidation threshold. This feature is a welcome alternative to the socialized losses scheme that some other exchanges use. Bybit’s Insurance Fund is funded by the commissions paid by traders on their trades. This helps to keep its fees low.


OKX is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. The platform serves over 50 million people globally. It was founded in 2017 by Star Xu and is currently run by him as CEO. The company has a strong focus on security and transparency, which has helped it to build trust with its users. Its large trading volume and compliance with regulatory standards have also contributed to its reputation as a safe crypto exchange.

The platform provides users with a wide range of trading options, including spot, futures, and perpetual swaps. Its user interface, while simple for new users, offers the customizations that experienced traders demand. It also features advanced technical analysis tools. The platform also offers a range of Earn products, which allow users to earn passively money by staking crypto assets.

Its security measures include mandatory 2FA and semi-offline multi-signature mechanisms to protect customer funds. It also uses a proprietary protocol for network communication to prevent online attacks, and complies FATF regulations. Its security department conducts regular audits as well as proactive investigations of incidents. The platform has multiple backup procedures that ensure it is prepared in case of an emergency.

In addition to the exchange, OKX has a mobile app that allows users to trade crypto with their phone or tablet. The app displays real-time price information and 24-hour volume from major exchanges on one page. It is also possible to set price alerts and monitor market trends. The app also allows users to purchase currencies using Apple Pay, Apple Pay, credit or debit cards, or bank account transfers.

Moreover, it is free to use and offers exclusive rewards for OKX Members. These benefits include a dedicated helpline, in-app chat and community forums. The app includes a built-in Atani Exchange Aggregator that provides real time trade execution, portfolio monitoring, tax reporting and charting of 3,000+ cryptos across 20+ exchanges.

The fee structure of OKX is one of most competitive in the market. Its fees are tiered based on the volume of transactions, and order maker’s fees are lower than taker’s fees. The platform charges fees for depositing and withdrawing assets.