It is that time of year again: the wedding jewellery exchange. You have spent weeks (or even months) researching wedding jewelry sets, picking out the perfect earrings and groomsmen watches; now it’s time to show off. Don’t be afraid to show your jewelry off! Many brides have a style they’re most happy with. Here are some terrific wedding jewelry strategies for beginners to help spark a new collection.

If you’re a lover of vintage jewelry, you will love the look you get with vintage jewelry paired with modern designs. If you have grown tired of pearls, there are loads of different gemstones to wear together with pearls. By way of instance, yummy turquoise necklace looks great with chic metallic green bangles (or some other colour, for that matter). Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Should you wear pearls, wear turquoise! The trick is knowing what to pair it with so that you do not look silly.

For the wedding jewelry of brides who do not want to wear diamonds, do not worry. The wide variety of semi-precious stones available makes this look classy, stylish, and affordable. Semi precious stones include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, and may be worn with just about any outfit. Also, bear in mind which you can wear multiple pieces for an even more eclectic look.

Naturally, every woman loves pearls, but the trend appears to be moving away from the big, white pearls. Many brides are switching to cultured pearls, which are rounder and more irregular in shape. Cultured pearls are normally lighter in weight, which makes them a excellent addition to the wedding jewellery collection of brides with a heavier complexion. Not everyone likes the idea of a black necklace worn with a white wedding dress, but this doesn’t mean you can not wear black as a free color.

Also, bear in mind that wedding jewelry does not need to be worn only on the day of your weddingday. It is a way to accessorize and also to set the mood. A simple silver chain with a pendant will look beautiful with your handbag, while a golden choker will look beautiful with your white dress. Choose pieces that match the style of your gown as well as your skin tone and also the season of your wedding day. By playing with these bits, you can create a lovely look that coordinates with each aspect of your wedding day.

Don’t let wedding jewelry overwhelm you. This is a chance to bring together your daily life with your special day. You will be able to accessorize in a way that you wouldn’t normally and you will have a opportunity to infuse a bit of your personality in your wedding dress and your bridal jewelry. The options are endless. Have fun with it and enjoy your special day!