Fireplaces are a feature of any home, but eliminating fireplaces entirely can be quite a complicated matter. Fireplaces add warmth and beauty to a home but can also frequently be flammable, especially if they are not vented properly. There are numerous different options to get rid of fireplaces entirely. Some might say that the idea of a green fireplace is an oxymoron. If you have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning stove, you will not be saving any trees by turning it into a gas fireplace or a wood burning stove. Similarly, if you own a coal or wood burning fireplace, you will not be doing your bit to help reduce carbon emissions or the destruction of our environment by burning wood or coal.

But, there are some excellent alternatives to having a fireplace installed in your home if you are thinking about removing fireplaces. You may already have a gas fireplace or a wood burning stove, but you might want to think again about installing both if you would like to go totally green. For starters, the installation of wood and coal burning stoves may lead to serious air quality issues, especially where there are numerous houses in an area that utilize these sources of power. Sometimes, chimneys can become clogged with unwanted particles from burning, resulting in polluted indoor air.

Josh Team Keller Williams explains that among the easiest and more affordable methods of removing fireplaces entirely is by using an electric fireplace insert. These convert the traditional fireplace into an electric alternative. By removing the chimney, the electric inserts eliminate the smoke variable and the associated dangers. These devices do not need chimney cleaning and other related maintenance, making them an easy choice for anybody who wants a fast and easy means of eliminating fireplaces completely.

If you want to avoid installing a new fireplace altogether, you might be considering building your very own green fireplace insert. Although it will take longer and require more work than an electric unit, it will still be very inexpensive. There are kits available that will allow you to build a fireplace on your own. Even if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of building a fireplace, the kits include detailed instructions for the building. If you’re familiar with DIY and a do-it-yourself mindset, you can easily complete this project. Once you build your own renewable fuel fireplace, you’ll have the ability to take advantage of the many benefits that solar and renewable fuel bring to your home.

By utilizing a green fireplace, you will be able to reduce your energy costs drastically. Radiant heat generated by these components is extremely much cooler than the air that is forced into a traditional wood fire. This means that your home will be much cooler during the summer and much warmer during the winter. Even if you must invest in more expensive heating materials for your house once you have converted to using renewable fuel, you will still enjoy these savings as long as you make it a habit.

It’s possible for you to create a fireplace without the support of a professional contractor or architect. Even though a chimney lining may be required for some units, it’s still possible to install one on your own. If you want to build a chimney on your own, you will have to purchase a fireplace kit that would add thermal mass within the chimney so that it would generate more radiant warmth and would make burning more efficient.